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You want to have more sales in The Gambia?
Take action today and start on Xippia.com.
The easy-to-use Gambian business directory to get more customers.
Besides basic listings which are free of charge, we also offer professional and paid online presentations for the Gambian business community.

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The Team

Xam-Xam is a young digital agency that focuses on quality, affordable pricing, innovation and speed. Founded in June 2017 by a Dutch IT and marketing guru, the company expanded in Africa with graduated and top of the class African students.


While the digital highway is still growing in Gambia, more national and international companies are looking for online business opportunities to boost their sales. Therefore we’ve developed Xippia: Free or affordable online presentations for every company. 


Your potential customers are also growing online. To find companies, products or services. Let’s direct them to the perfect place: The Xippia Business Directory for Gambia. Easy to find, easy to use, stylish and appealing, quick loading and mobile responsive.

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A dedicated team of web designers, digital marketeers and sales agents guarantees you perfect high end online solutions.

Customer support

We are always going the extra mile to give our clients the best web presence and support. For any help or information contact our team.


Xippia Business Directory Gambia is a joint initiative of The Nyodemax Foundation, Afritrada Business Portal Gambia, Xam-Xam E-Solutions Africa and MTW Global Consultancy. Our newest mission is to create professional digital platforms to move the African business communities forward, to make it easier for international companies to promote themselves into the African market, but also to create job opportunities for African ITC and marketing students.

We’re dedicated to grow to the best business directory in Gambia. But our dedication means a little without you. Therefore we ask everybody to start today listing their business today or spread this news. The more advertisements we will have, free or paid, the faster we will grow. And the faster we grow, the more visitors you will have.

“All for One, One for All !” 


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