APS International Money Transfers: The No. 1 choice in The Gambia to send safe, secure & instant money abroad, worldwide.

In 3 easy steps, transfer money anywhere worldwide. We are also now the only money transfer company to allow you to top up your family and friends electricity and mobile credit in The Gambia within a few clicks.

APS International LTD provides instant money  transfer to The Gambia and worldwide countries within minutes.

Money can be sent to your family and or friends to spend as they like, or alternatively you can send Electricity or Mobile credit top up from anywhere in the world within minutes.

Try our new, innovative and unique service called NDUGA. With this service people in the diaspora can purchase high quality essential goods locally sold in the Gambia.

Visit the website of APS International Money Transfers for more information or to find an APS office near you.


26 Moat Lane City Gate House Birmingham, B5 5BD

Phone Number

0121 643 3003

Contact Email

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