Baluwo Online Shop - Control your money while you help your family from a distance.
With Baluwo you have control over how your money is spent by buying directly what your family needs. We have local suppliers from The Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco, Mali and Sierra Leone.


Our Services:


Buy food online in real time and in a few clicks. Your family can pick up the products immediately at the nearest store showing their Baluwo code: rice, sugar, vegetable oil, onions ...


Are you thinking about building a house when you return? With Baluwo you can buy the materials and make sure that the money goes to build your house in Africa. Cement, Sand, Wood, Iron, Nails ...


Send a mobile recharge to any person and place, saving up to 25% compared to other providers: Gamcel, Africell ...


Buy prepaid electricity from the main electricity company Nawec in real time and without queues.


About us

Baluwo was born in 2016 to help those who live far from home to cover the basic needs of their loved ones , thus reinforcing ties with their community, while they have greater control over their expenses .

Baluwo is a fast, economic and safe alternative to sending, that also boosts the local economy.

We operate in Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco, Sierra Leone and Mali, but we continue to work to expand the service to other countries and increase our network of suppliers.


Contact us.

You want to find a Baluwo partner close to your area? How to download our handy app? Any other information? Visit our website today.



Phone Number

+220 7064059

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