Competing with a professional when you are only a DIY mover with no experience is not an easy task. Our Upper West Side movers can provide you with the highest level of moving and storage services. We are proud of our team of experts who are always trying to satisfy every need of each customer on time in a cost-effective manner. We are the best in moving business in the Big Apple because we can offer you affordable moving costs along with some pretty sturdy and free moving boxes. We are constantly investing in our services to give you the best and attractive moving solutions which will save you time and money. When you think about affordable furniture movers in New York, you are thinking about Capital City Movers NYC. We are constantly providing our customers with the highest level of moving service so you can move your furniture at low prices, which also includes unpacking services. Capital City Movers NYC have the best furniture movers in the Upper West Side who can also remove your furniture and put it in our storage units. We will be committed to you as our client and we will always beopen to all your suggestions and questions. When it comes time for your next move and furniture transporting we are the reliable moving company you should call.


333 E 109th St, New York, NY 10029, USA

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