Neutronix Quintel is leading mask aligners product line and utilizes the latest in linear motion technology. The NXQ4006 Mask Aligners is designed to be inherently safe to use.NxQ is committed to provide the best quality mask aligner and photolithography products at highly competitive prices, assuring your success.

With increased demand for lab and manual load production for 8" wafers, Neutronix-Quintel has developed an 8" version of the popular NXQ4000 series mask aligners. "This allows our customers to process 8" wafers at a relatively low cost compared to traditional 8" equipment" said Brett Arnold, CEO of Neutronix-Quintel. "The NXQ4008, can still be tooled to process small pieces, and wafer sizes up to 8", making it a very versatile tool for R&D or volume manufacturing."



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