Ngata Gambia is a tourist information centre and tour operator whose will help you to discover the beauty and the richness of Gambia, its traditions and culture with customized packs.


Our mission is to promote tourism in the Gambia, as it is the smiling coast of Africa. The Gambia is super recommended for its peaceful, smiling and happiness. And in fact a complete and tiny country in West Africa, for tourist, backpackers and independent travelers. There are many beautiful and standard hotels, lodges, and guesthouses all over the country with good transportations and main roads that reveals to restaurants, bars and to the markets.


Gambia is truly beautiful and diverse in heart of Africa. The River Gambia, beaches, landscape, museums, tradition and cultures, the smiles from beautiful peoples... that's why it called the smiling coast, because the people are very friendly. You will feels it in case you have made a right decision to travel to the smiling coast of Africa.


Doing excursions with the tour operators is very nice and can also be possible to see some wild animals and birds for free during tour trips. We maximize on the service quality for our customers satisfaction. We also hear from our customers and make necessary changes to fit their preferences, these are the reasons that we kindly request our clients to rate our services after they have received the full package of services.


We are time oriented and provide quality information and trips in the Gambian tourism sectors. Our itinerary packages offer a very wide variety of attraction from game drive to diverse cultural experience. We arrange safaris for people with passions and in search of Gambian tradition and cultures, eco tourism beach holidays, wildlife and birdwatchers. As Gambians, we are bound to show you many of the intimate interesting details of Gambian lifestyle and cultural heritage.

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