There are many times in life when you will find yourself in need of quality self storage Seattle options. Once that happens, you can feel free to contact PortaBox Storage and have our team of experts help you store your most precious belongings without breaking the bank. We serve the entire area of Seattle, so you can rely on us whether you are looking for self storage Lynnwood WA or units in the heart of Seattle. No matter the location, we always provide our customers with secure solutions that will keep their precious items safe at all times. We have made sure of covering all of our bases, protecting your items from extreme weather, theft, and pests. Get in touch with PortaBox Storage once you find yourself in need of high-quality and convenient storage solutions in Seattle and solve all of your problems related to storage.


2902B Lincoln Way, Lynnwood, WA 98087, USA

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(888) 269-8646

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