Professional Taekwondo Gambia (PTG) - Learn the real martial art.

Professional Taekwondo Gambia offers a comprehensive training program, encompassing strength training, agility and stretching regimen in support of self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect and self-control. We are endowed with state-of-the art facilities and modern training equipment and materials.


Our programs benefit the whole family and individuals of all ages, both women and men.


Technical Taekwondo training

This covers: Kibon Donjarg (basic movements) with Kibon Kisool (basic techniques), Kyorugi (sparring), Poomsae (forms), Hoosinsul (Self-defense) Kyopa (Breaking) and Mukyum (Meditation). In each training session, students are taken through these building blocks of taekwondo practice. Consequently, each session will take two hours.

Physical body conditioning

Thursdays and Saturdays are reserved for body conditioning intended to build: strength, agility, flexibility and speed. These sessions are held outside the Dojang, in the vast front yard. This is for Taekwondo students. However, others may join.

Self-defense for women

Not everyone is willing to make Taekwondo their way of life. But would like to benefit from what Taekwondo has to offer in terms of Self-defense. And with the growing crime in The Gambia, this program is designed to equip women with the necessary self-defense skills to repel an attack and/or neutralize an attacker. These classes are offered three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday lasting one hour.

Boot camps

From time to time, Professional Taekwondo Gambia organizes outings for students to different parts of the country. In these outings, training sessions will be held for several hours, covering the programmes presented above.


As a way of increasing familiarity with Tae kwon do and changing perceptions, Professional Taekwondo Gambia will organize demonstrations in schools, villages, military and police barracks.


Professional Taekwondo Gambia will be organizing seminars on different areas of Taekwondo. We will be bringing other Masters from other countries to cover specific areas to broaden the expertise of our students.


A convenient location in Fajara just opposite “The Butcher Shop” and a flexible class schedule make it easy for you to find time to take advantage of what we have to offer. We invite you to visit our facilities and experience our enhanced, dynamic and fun-filled teaching style.


Use the contact form or call the school at +220 3743305 / 3069565  to set up an appointment for your first “personal training session”. We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you towards the realization of your Taekwondo dreams.


PTG is for you.

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