The GLOVE Project Gambia - Global LOngevity through Village Enterprises.

"Teamwork make your dream work"

The GLOVE Project Gambia is working Hand in Hand, in partnership, with rural village Communities in The Gambia, West Africa to:

Reduce Poverty
Establish Sustainable
Promote Education
Improve Health

Our Story:

GLOVE was born after Jackie Church visited the village of Sam Mbollet in the Lower Nuimi Region on the north bank of the Gambia River in March 2007.

Jackie Church ran a travel business in The Gambia employing local tour guides and drivers, promoting Responsible Tourism and working with Gambian businesses where possible.

It soon became obvious to Jackie that although tourism brings much benefit to The Gambia this was not the case in Lower Nuimi which is rarely visited by tourists. It is an area of great poverty.

Jackie vowed to do what she could to help improve the lives of the villagers of Sam Mbollet and other rural villages in Lower Nuimi and ensure that the future held promise for them.

For more information or donations, please visit our website or visit our Facebook page to learn more about our projects

Phone Number

+220 770 7356

Contact Email

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