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Timber Company Gambia Ltd is a Multi Industry Company with a keen attitude towards new business ventures; which has been a key factor in the growth of the company. With activities in several industries and partnerships internationally we have been able to provide our clients with a wide selection of services and products. We believe our attention to detail and delivery of project’s big and small, has been our differentiating aspect.


We are active in several industries, procurement, logistics, energy, and construction materials. Bulk construction materials such as rebar, lumber, plywood, and form work. Custom manufactured B.R.C. for concrete works, custom manufactured steel rebars for construction sites, with our expertise, we are able to increase your efficiency and quality.


• Lumber Supplier - Pine.
• Construction Material Supplier.
• Construction Steel.
• Logistics Service Provider.
• Perkins Diesel Generator Supplier.
• Vestel Electronics Distributor.
White Goods, TVs, ACs, Fridges, Cookers etc.
• Industrial Works & Marine Services.
• Heavy Machinery - Forklift and Crane Services.


9 Mamadi Manjang Highway - Kanifing

Phone Number

+220 345 6789

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